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SimulBot Beta Program Now Accepting Affiliate Sims by ina

We are now accepting applicants for affiliate sims in our SimulBot Beta program.

Overview: Over a year ago, John Hurliman brought a rock band of 5 into SL, and managed to “simulSim” them on 12 sims to escape the agent limitations of a single sim in simultaneous performances across the grid. This was a benchmark for 2006. For 2008, using state of the art bot technology that has been developed from the ground up by BotSL, the SL Shakespeare Company hopes to have simultaneous performances on over 120 other venues across the grid for our full-length live performance in November. We are now seeking venue applicants to begin testing our technology via our first MiniProduction — a live show of Act 1, Scene 1.

*For those new to our production, please note that we differ from your traditional live theatre in one aspect only: we are based completely in the virtual world of Second Life, and that means we can have as many as 50,000 simultaneous viewers per performance — with current technology. Please visit our website for more information.

The SLSC (SL Shakespeare Company) has certain requirements for Affiliates.
You (the sim owner or owner ad litem applying to be an Affiliate) agree that:

Main Requirements:

  1. This is the Beta program. Acceptance into the Beta program does not necessarily mean that you will become an affiliate for our full length live production, but may increase your chances.
  2. Your venue must be available for the opening show of our next production as shown right:
    1. Each production opens on “SLSC Thursdays.”
    2. There will be 10 performances, total.
    3. You are not obligated to serve any but the opening performance, but are welcome to serve as many of the other performances as you wish.
  3. You must own the sim (256 x 256m2 or 65536 m2 of land in a single region) or have written permission from the owner that the sim will be available for the date of the production.
    1. At this time, we are only accepting Affiliates who have at least an entire sim available.
    2. If you do not own the sim, you are required to submit written permission from the owner.
    3. We may contact the owner to verify the status.
  4. At least 500 prims must be available, and a minimum area of 19 x 15 m2 must be available for the stage.
  5. The area for the performance must be a parcel deeded to the group Shakespeare’s Theatre.
    1. You will receive an invitation as a SimulSim Affiliate once your application is approved.
    2. We will not publicly recognize you as a SimulSim until you have done so.
  6. What we rez must stay for the duration of the show. If any prim is returned before or during the show, the SLSC reserves the right to halt the show and cancel or ban your venue from further participation in our Affiliate program.
    1. We will send our cleanup crew within 24 hours after the last performance at your venue.
  7. You understand that bots will be used to enable this simultaneous performance.
    1. Although they appear as actual avatars, these bots are designed to minimize lag because they only access needed resources. Please welcome and embrace them?
  8. (Relatively) Lag-free 4-Sim “bridge” cluster venues will be given preference over single sim venues.
  9. A “Lag-Judge” will be sent to the venue several times at random to gauge lag.
    1. For best results, you should attempt to maintain your venue at optimal performance for the week or two after you send in your application.

If you agree to all that, please click here to fill out an application and drop it on affiliate at

MiniProduction-specific Terms:

  1. You are not allowed to display any tip jars or money collection vessels of any kind.
    1. You may, however, display logos or advertisements in places that do not obstruct the audience’s view.
    2. SLSC reserves the right to disqualify the showing of a particular logo or ad.
  2. You are not allowed to sell tickets or any commodity that may be taken as infringing on SLSC (SL Shakespeare Company)’s namesake.
  3. You are allowed to record the MiniProduction in full only if you receive written permission from us and:
    1. You display a constant and clearly visible strip on your recording reading “SLSC Hamlet, (Scene 1) @ SimulSim: (Your sim).”
    2. You make it clear that you are not the primary sponsor or owner of the production.
    3. You agree to pay a nominal fee based on your intended usage of the recording.

Please note that the SLSC reserves the right to reject applicants for any reason. Breaking the Terms at this point would bar your venue from future affiliation with the SL Shakespeare Company.

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