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opening night lag by joff

Having rehearsed through an earthquake I thought I was ready for anything SL could through at us. Several hours before curtain up I logged up to discover my desktop upside down and my preferences all shot. Having sorted that and logged into sl i discovered that my microphone was not being recognised. I tried another laptop and got it working then back to the old one and finally after clearing cache it found it. I then went on various visits to get people to listen to the mic. Sorted at last I went back to twiddle my thumbs backstage, set up some chairs and build a tent. i got all my gestures and animations arranged on the desktop and waited. Gradually we assembled and chatted until we were told to go into group chat at which point i discovered my messages were not getting through so with 10 minutes to go I logged out with baited breath managed to get back on and yes messages did go through. we got our call and we stood up ready for the off. as Barnardo clunked off into the gloom i realised that none of my gestures were set anymore having relogged and tried to retrieve them whilst keeping an eye on Horatio to see if we were on yet. Too late we were off, it felt like going onstage with your trousers around your ankles but that was the least of it. arriving on stage I went into slow motion and turned to see Barnardo hovering in mid stride. once sat down I managed drag some gestures out of my inventory as we boldly plunged on. On speaking, I had the curious experience of hearing the whole line repeated to me before being answered so eitherthere was a gap before anyone heard me or after or possibly both. Well we made it through, I even managed to drag my real death animation out before we went on for the curtain call and I don’t think I stabbed anyone with my partisan. Roll on tonight. 

Lag aside it is great to be part of this groundbreaking experiment and all credit to Ina and her team for making it happen.

This has been my first ever Blog , not sure if I like it , we’ll see. As I’m sure Polonious said “Neither a blogger nor a bloggee be.”

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  1. emjannings Says:

    “clunked” off into the gloom? — rather martial!

    I thought I’d had a rough opening until I read your post. I wonder if our work will become more “robust” as we go along, or if we will always hang by a thread — I suspect the latter.

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